Binomial black and white and pure white kitchen


Black white and silver kitchen – Kitchen cabinets do much for decoration because through them that determines a particular style. In a previous note we have seen is a romantic and rustic style, and today we look at the features of the kitchen are visible with a double black and white and pure white are also showcased.

No doubt that some combinations that are used in the interior is black and white tones thanks to them you get the perfect balance between light and dark , white is the sum of all the bright colours , and black is the complete absence of light .

Kitchen cabinets with black white and silver kitchen is always successful and attractive , and allows infinite possibilities as futuristic d├ęcor , refined and elegant and minimalist .

black white silver kitchen modern


black white silver kitchen ideas

To use black and white duo

The key is to be careful because the balances are not insured and need to take care of every detail. This involves adding two colours to achieve harmony in the environment and keep always in mind the quality of each colour when applied in the decoration of the kitchen cabinets.

For example, in less enlightened corners of furniture but do not have to put the black and white for a light. Same for the opposite case, where there is a lot of light black furniture look good for reducing the brightness of the sector.

Place furniture in black white and silver kitchen should be more enlightened as for example is the case of the table, and combined with black and white dining room and wash. Elements can black countertops, chairs, tables, etc., while the white cabinets with mismatched pair are the colour.

Black countertops are super stylish and fantastic with the rest of the walls and white furniture, are also very good use of white walls and black lacquered furniture.


black white silver kitchen designs


black white silver kitchen designs modern



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