Cool Small Backyard Water Features

In addition in the room, I often spend my time in the backyard. A place where I can easily get inspiration. My yard is small, because my house is not too big. But my backyard atmosphere support enough to bring the imagination and offer a series of ideas to me. It was all because of small backyard water features designs that comfortable, cool and beautiful.


Small backyard water features



All the beauty of my backyard is derived from a simple design. There are only a few woody plants. I deliberately planted to calm my backyard. In addition I added a few plants that I planted in pots and around the yard. To add to the perfection of my backyard, I present the freshness of the water there. Small pond with a few details to offer makes me want to linger to enjoy it.

The water atmosphere that brings freshness deliberately created a partition between the ponds with the other pool. I give a low wall and a wooden barrier that serves as a bridge.

To live my small backyard water features design, I let several fish live freely in my small pond. Not to forget the lotus flower with spring flowers brings its own beauty.

Complete been my idea, plants, flowers, wood, water and fish. This is my small backyard water features idea, what about your ideas?