Country Classic style of decoration

Country Classic style of decoration – The classical style interiors are characterized by sophisticated and refined, while very elegant look. The decorations are mostly art pieces, they give the room a luxurious aesthetic touch and very good. This style has survived over time because of the nobility of its lines and materials, and supports the use of modern elements if they present simple lines and quality materials. The materials used are the nobles, which are woods such as oak, beech and cherry. It is also very common to see porcelain, glass and bronzes, while upholstery fabrics carry very well worked as brocades, silks, and velvets. As for the colors used, the gaps are predominant in these environments, with the shades of cream, green, gray and yellow key, as these help greatly to create a serene and luxurious.



Main features classic style

One of the things that characterized the Country Classic style is the presence of abundant elements, which generate an overload in the environments. They are located so as to achieve a symmetrical design, which give positive points to aesthetics.

As for the furniture, the most used are the old, but can also be seen in some cases classic furniture in wood but current manufacturing. These are solid elements, made of oak, mahogany or cherry, with friezes and plaster. Within these highlights armchairs, sofas, chairs, tables turned legs and libraries, which are built with very well crafted hardwoods.


The ornaments are based on works of art, highlighting boxes carved frames, photo frames, silverware, candlesticks, porcelain, silver or alpaca items, small occasional furniture, rugs, tapestries, wall and floor lamps and chandeliers. Other elements that have special features in this type of decoration are the curtains, which are heavy and double hanging rods are bronze or carved wood.

The Country Classic style environments are characterized by large and overloaded with exquisite objects found, as end tables, oriental rugs, bookcases and cabinets. They need indirect lighting to avoid harsh shadows presence. The walls play a very important role as they are covered with inlaid boxes, or look with wallpaper.