Excellent Tips How to Decorate a Living Room Wall

How to decorate a living room wall? If the choice is to install decorations for the walls, I would recommend some of the following. To decorate a living room wall, you should consider a few things. Wall hangings also wearable as a way out when laying out the design space.

Do not be discouraged if it does not get to buy a Picasso painting production exorbitant price. There are many other interesting things that can be used as wall hangings. Decorative wall from photo to promote “chatting material” when all of a sudden run out of sentence when we chat with guest.

Or if like to compile a calendar with beautiful photos, also can be cut thus attached figure. Looking back remember your mother or grandmother embroider with time to frame of their work.



how to decorate a living room wall

Don’t be underestimate with frame. Things are changing a decorative look that can be on display. When one of determining, Monalisa painting past classmates can lose traction. Instead, posters are mediocre to look expensive and classy with a picture frame that passes.

The choice of this picture frame should consider the type of the artwork. As an illustration, Japanese calligraphy painting not fit with gold colored picture frame elaborately carved. Simple picture frame in black or brown can be more suitable.

Ideal position wall hangings that is as high as eye view adult average (± 1, from 5 to 1.7 m from the floor). In addition, when hanging decorations on the couch or pass other furniture, furnishings determine the width preferably ± 2/3 of the width of the sofa. Do not forget to give a distance of about 25-30 cm from the furniture.

So “caught” by the eye, wall hangings should be large enough when compared to the broad wall of the place depends. Therefore, when measuring a petite wall hangings, it will be better placed in groups, rather than one spread across the walls of the room.

Hanging walls styled in the form of a group generally have the same theme. Do not put the decorations too close, as the cause of confusion. Do not even hang too far, can be lost due to the effect of unity.

Next level of how to decorate a living room wall is how to treat them. Decorative wall treatments need to be durable. For wooden picture frame, apply special wood cleaner and a soft cloth. Picture frame for gold or silver color metal, glass cleaner applied.

Put decorations look more “weight” under effective decorative “light”. Likewise, place decorative dark under brightly colored decorations.

Hopefully these article about how to decorate a living room wall helpful.