How to decorate a living room with a sofa and brown walls

Brown living room ideas – If you have a room with brown walls and cream-colored sofa , you may be wondering how you can add color and style to a soft color scheme . Neutral colors are a great way to decorate a room, but the brown and yellow color palette can be festive, yet elegant, with a pair of complementary color accents. Be creative. Experiment with different colors and accessories to find a scheme that suits you.

A dark brown furniture sofa is very flexible in terms of other colors, and complements many decor styles. Do you have a fabric or leather upholstery, dark brown sofa to a room can provide everything from nature -inspired look with elegant style and rich. Mix the look of the room by using other neutral tones or bright accent colors, such as yellow, brown or greenish blue, which combines with dark chocolate sofa.

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In addition to dark brown sofa, you have to insert other types of furniture to create a functional and comfortable. Coffee table and end table serves as a surface for supporting drinks as well as areas for displaying decorative items. Select the table to coordinate with dark brown sofas and customize your brown living room ideas. For example, if you have chosen a modern, glass table select with brushed nickel legs. In the rustic yet elegant, consider reusing antique chests and tables. The body seat adds seating, tries to match wall covering chocolate or coated with different colors or patterned fabrics.

brown living room ideas


Textiles helped soften the space and create visual interest. As with all other elements of the design, textile chooses to coordinate with the style of sofa space and dark chocolate. For an elegant rustic space, consider combining patchwork quilts and cushions covered with cotton and toile. For a sophisticated contemporary design, velvet curtains hanging in the windows, to the floors, plush carpets cover the floor with a solid color.


Link decorative accents complete the look of the room. Decorative accents feature is that talking about the style of your brown living room ideas and style of the room. For a beach – inspired, beach photos hanging on the wall, the statues and the lighthouse is using a piece of driftwood and sculptures in a traditional style room, hanging pieces of colored glass in the windows, located glass lampshades and painted using wrought iron candle tables topped with candles on the coffee table.


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