How to decorate your living room with a wall of stone

How to decorate a living room wall – A stone wall can complement any decor. As a natural material, no two stones are exactly the same look and endless combinations; stone is one of the most versatile choices for decorating interior walls. A stone wall creates a natural focal point in your living room, whether you work as a background for your furniture and boxes or highlight the fireplace. Soothing sound of water falling on a stone fountain adds a touch of Zen to any home. Consider one for your living room that reflects your style.

When decorating a living room with a fireplace, you should first decide how to decorate a living room wall. No matter how to decorate a living room wall, the fireplace will stand. But it is the heart of the room depending on the location of furniture. Another type of decoration and grabs attention distracted from the look on other parts of the living room gives the balance after the wall where the fireplace is decorated.

How to decorate a plain living room wall


Choose a rock in the style you have in mind. Research in decorating magazines like “Architectural Digest ” and ” Country Living ” room for example you want to emulate . Smooth stone walls made ​​from materials such as granite and marble give your living room a stylish and modern. Add texture to the walls with cut stone stacked to give a more traditional feel. Use river rock for a rustic style. Subtle color and texture of slate is versatile and will suit any decor.

How to decorate a living room wall


Improve the design of the fireplace. To look slim, do not add shelves, racks or stove. A rustic living room requires something more relaxed I agree with polished river stones and round. Framing the fireplace, adding a stone fireplace with a smooth and extends up the chimney in the ceiling for high focal point. Wrap a small fireplace with granite walls to give the appearance of shiny urban loft.


How to decorate a large living room wall



To make a decorative wall, cover entirely of marble. Adding three shallow shelves arranged in the form of steps. To remind Tuscany wall, rough stone building with three arched niches three vertical lines on each row. Fill niches with accessories or leave them blank. Place a soft sofa and stone wall hanging tapestry large color behind. Colour slate gray will stand out. It combines a fountain and the surrounding walls of glass to bring the outside inside. It is in the middle of a stone wall with a stable board to evoke rustic hunting lodge look.


How to decorate a big living room wall