How to organize a small space right!

Design a small living room – Small apartment, small living room, but in larger housing sometimes comes from a small space. Because this is just one of the main living areas, here is a small enough space profitable. Until you feel comfortable here despite lack of space, we tell you exactly what is needed and what it shows.

Decorating a small living room on a budget

First, you have to make some considerations:
Design a small living room in storage.  In addition, a role in the selection of design space suitable device. If space is long and narrow or square, and the condition of architecture, such as doors, windows, tabs, etc., should be considered. It takes a lot of storage space, so you should feel and architectural space of two options.

Either you give to the closet wall or rack up an entire wall filled with cohesive cabinet or shelf elements. There is the opportunity to use the space to the ceiling, which is useful if storage space needed, will depend on the model. Another alternative is the reverse – that is, all the necessary storage furniture such as a buffet, a walk, or to thwart high Lombard boards fit in the space available to enter the space.


Design a small space living room

Eat in small spaces.

That is also possible. First, there is the question of how to design a small living room in fact. There can be placed in certain cases, to take place or off the table? Of course, you should remember that the meeting takes place also in a state seat folded and stored. But the chair is available in a folded version, which requires little space for housing.


Furniture design for a small living room

There is not enough space available for retractable or folding table, so it is possible to get a coffee table that also extended or folded and arranged in height.


Design small living spaces