How to organize very small kitchen

For those of you who have a home spacious enough, it never hurts to leave ample space for the kitchen, but if you have a narrow house, would not want to deal with too narrow space to your kitchen. Kitchenette is actually not that confusing, because there are a lot of organized very small kitchen designs and patterns that can help you provide your small kitchen with a dynamic arrangement of the room and efficient. Follow a few simple tips and tricks to organize your small kitchen.



Organized very small kitchen



Simple tips and tricks to organize a small kitchen are:

The first and most important thing in designing a small kitchen is the lighting , and equipment storage . You can see that there are many options open to you to transform your kitchen into something more ideal for your needs and of course a personal touch.
Here are some tips on organized very small kitchen to make it look spacious and comfortable including:
• Placement of cabinets and equipment on both sides or hanging on the wall. It serves to save space. By installing cabinets on the wall you can also easily store equipment and of course it would be easy when picked.
• Selection of kitchen tools that small and effective. To facilitate the storage, it helps you choose a kitchen that is not too big. If you put too big and hang out will make your kitchen looks narrow.
• Use brightly colored cabinets with glass doors. Bright colors help you change the image cramped kitchen. Why should the glass door? Glass doors will make your closet into an open closet impressed. Because of the open closet is helpful in making the impression of the room. This is the consequence you have to arrange furniture in a glass cabinet neatly.
• The use of the rack for greater capacity. In this case you should consider the condition of your kitchen. If possible use the shelf in the room and you will not look crowded, this option can be used.
• Make the ceiling with cabinet dropdown.
• Use sink deeper and side by side with the stove. To save space you can put a sink and stove side by side with a relatively close distance. For the divider between the sink with a stove you can use for cutting table.
• Pay attention to air circulation and Exhoust installation.

Thats are my idea how to organized very small kitchen.