Ideas for decorating bedroom in silver and black

Black and silver bedroom – The silver, which usually is related to the metal silver, is also a very wise choice to decorate indoors, and not just on special occasions. This color is so cold, it brings to mind holidays and celebrations environments, is a very good option to give a share of luxury and distinction to the different rooms of our house. This is a very personal space that allows you to decorate according to your preferences , while respecting the conditions suitable for sleep and rest , but basically always about 100 % personalized d├ęcor , so if you like the silver color can be used as primary color in decorating . The first proposal that we present to you today in the decoration of black and silver bedroom, we can see in the photo on the left. Here we see a decor that includes walls and dark gray furniture to create a neutral setting where silver accents highlight the header and the front of the drawer of the bedside. This silver headboard captions style adds a very elegant to the bedroom and makes the whole room look luxurious. So it’s a very good idea to implement the silver in the bedroom decor using this supplement.


Black and silver bedrooms


Another good suggestion is to paint the furniture in silver. This is easy because with aerosol paints can renew the furniture we currently painting them in silver color so they look fabulous in an environment decorated in black and gray, as well as seen in the photo bedroom. This silver furniture were combined with a bottom wall papered in dark gray and black patterned designs in the same shade of gray have been chosen curtains and bedding, as well as plushy carpet that provides all the warmth that requires a bedroom for a cozy atmosphere.

Black and silver bedrooms designs


Another good choice to decorate the bedrooms in this color so particular is placing a silver wall covering. Highlight a wall with this color is a very good proposal as it would create an aesthetic image too interesting and attractive. It may be a metal coating is very fashionable lately or wallpaper on this bright tone that is much cheaper. Finally, we can also decorate the black and silver bedroom as seen in this photo, through details such as the edge of the mirror and the structure of the pendant.


Black and silver bedroom ideas