Ideas for English rustic interior

English rustic interior – Few can resist the cozy charm of a rustic, homey atmosphere of the fireplace and dark wood and the soft splash of bright quilt. If you’re attracted to English rustic interior, takes advantage of existing features in your home and adds a few early touches inspired by nature to bring warmth and texture to the decor. Your home may be an urban apartment instead of a remote log cabin, but the spirit of the pioneers still can infuse your environment.


English country interiors




The panels and dark wood cabinets and beams and wide wooden furniture form the backbone of rustic design. The warmth and strength of the wood floors accented with a carpet of bright fabrics give a rustic feel, while a carpeted room look more rustic by work of paint with a darker hue and complemented by a farm trestle table for the kitchen or adding a pine inn along the wall. Place a wooden bowl with pine cones on the kitchen table to add texture.


English cottage



Hang a double wedding ring quilt or wall in the living room or bedroom. Choose a curtain with printed countryside delicate dark green or burgundy to evoke a rustic feeling. Dark colors and soft, flexible textures in your cushions, rugs and quilts fabrics are added to natural charm of your space.


Country interior designer



Vine wreaths, berry wreaths and picture frames made ​​of timber unify your rustic space. Add a striking piece, can be a chandelier over the dining table as a focal point, or leaves a leafy plant inside on a wheelbarrow overflowing with rusty patina on a corner. Baskets are storage option for magazines and remote controls a rural issue, whereas outdoor landscapes that describe the stables, forests and wildlife complement the style of English rustic interior