Ideas to decorate the home with gothic style

Gothic House interior – The Gothic style decor is a trend that you hate or love, is very particular and targeted to a specific audience. The severe seriousness of pale red roses on a medieval air chair , candlesticks , chandeliers and everything to do remembrance of medieval times are clear elements used in this style. Note that there are different types of Gothic decorations, and the best known of all is the Victorian Gothic, which is much more sober and imposing than the rest. In this article I’ll share Gothic House interior decorating ideas so you can acclimatize your home in the style of the great kings of old.


Gothic victorian house interior


Gothic Room:

If you like entertaining guests in a gothic room please post oak furniture and mahogany, paint the walls in earth tones, wooden floors and tall candlesticks with candles on the table. You can also opt for glass doors, iron windows painted so that it looks rusty and stained glass. The Gothic style is also very romantic and atmospheric, in the rooms can not miss the large four-poster beds and old world designs, rich fabrics and comfortable, satins, silks and velvet soft and fluffy, they are an absolute necessity. Lighting should be as smooth as possible to create a romantic Gothic style, for it employs lanterns and candles hanging on the walls or candlesticks on the bedside tables.


Gothic house interior


Gothic Garden:

There is no ceiling to experience the gothic style in the gardens, jasmine and rose are a must as well as exotic flowers, strange and visually stunning that you can find. As for the accessories you have to place fountains, statues of gargoyles and arches

Gothic Bathroom:

The gothic bathroom has to be able to play with darkness and light, cannot miss the articles of porcelain, the floor may be black and white paintings and large mirrors in elaborate medieval panels are indispensable.

The shower and accessories may be medieval forms of magical creatures and do not forget to place candles purple or red color when filling the tub because the glare created on the surface of the water is unparalleled.



American gothic house interior


Kitchen Gothic:

In the kitchen you to play with a variety of materials medieval theme we need this to have a rustic atmosphere in your Gotic House interior where you can get the furniture, shelves and cabinets that include stones, stained glass and wrought iron.