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Country house interior designs – Composition together country style with contemporary design creates an interesting combination between history and the present , mixing silk and velvet upholstery with wood like oak or mahogany , bronze or fur details or any other combination .

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In this way we can create an exciting experience that sends warmth while combining elements of country house interior design with different harmonious.

For this style was not refilled, you must choose the right colour, material, volume and distribution. Here are some ideas to get:
Environment should be broad and encontrase recharged, virtually eliminating the extra space, tables, bookshelves, oriental design rugs of wool or silk and beautiful design cabinets occupy the empty space. That is why the lighting plays an important role, this should provide a soft tone, respecting the form and generate direct light and harsh shadows


country house interior designs

The most used colour for the walls beige, green, gray, light warm tones, beige, yellow and ochre. Along with the colour tones and wooden furniture fabric, creating a very warm climate and integrity.


country home interior pictures

The most commonly used woods are cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut, with details on the roots or fur, parquetry, bronze, etc. in accordance with the style.
In the country house interior design style is king furniture, which defines perfectly by shape and coating them. Forest is selected hardwoods such as oak, cherry or mahogany. Usually find furniture like wingback chairs, Chester – sofa, chair and table with turned legs, cabinetmakers work.


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