Materials used for Victorian furniture

Decorating Victorian style – Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901 and furniture made ​​during this period is called Victorian. Unlike earlier times, fashion is focused on the most impressive furniture with fabric curves and rounded corners, French polished wood finishes and bright and elaborate decorations. Designs and elements from different periods are used together in an eclectic style. Years later, the pieces are very ornate carved wood and become popular.

The most important ingredient used in the decorating Victorian style is wood. Elegant furnishings that decorate family homes rich hardwood like mahogany, rosewood and oak. The sideboards and dining tables from this period survive to this day and the proven ability carpenters Victoria. Cheap furniture is also available for those with fewer resources. It is made of cheaper wood like pine.

According to experts in furniture restoration Bruce W. Miller and Jim Widest , rattan furniture became popular from 1860 onwards , because this material can be used to produce the goods from a variety of styles including Gothic , Chinese , old and classic . A typical catalog mentioned period only 70 rocker style, including American rockers complicated favored in Europe. Wicker is also used in the crib Victorian sofa for two and a library.


Decorating victorian style


Fabric used in the decorating Victorian style, usually as a cover for the seat and seat. Neoclassical reaction against the severity of some of the furniture helps to explain the sense of Victorian upholstered furniture, according to historian Thad Logan specializing in furniture. The desire to have more comfortable furniture and the development of more advanced techniques of furniture upholstery made ​​has rounded edges and soft furnishings.


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For fabric, leather upholstery used for the seats and chairs, sofa Chesterfield as decorated. Leather is also used as an inlay for the desktop surface and podium. The skins are available in a variety of colors, even in Victorian times, though not in so many colors as it is today. Many of the designs used leather furniture from 1837-1901 is considered fashionable and will not go wrong in the contemporary home.


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