Minimalist Modern House Ceiling Pictures

When we entered the five-star hotel lobby, reception not only looks impressive from the front face of beauty. But also furniture and ceiling. Inspired by it, I wanted to greet my guests with the beauty of the ceiling living room. I’m trying to find the best innovation to the ceiling of my house with a minimalist modern house ceiling pictures.
As we all know that a the concept of minimalist house is not using a lot of components and ornaments for decoration, it also applies to the ceiling design for modern minimalist home. Plain and simple design is characteristic of the concept ceiling, so that we can further save budget when building a home because we do not use a lot of ornaments and variations.
Modern house ceiling pictures that uses the concept of minimalism usually have a shape that protrudes slightly into stairs or in the middle, and on the sidelines of the lift will normally be provided lighting that will bring a unique and modern impression. In addition to the ceiling using a minimalist concept is no longer even use the lights hanging models, but this time the lights to the ceiling more grown using a container that is placed in some corner of the room. That way the lighting in the room can be optimized.


Modern house ceiling pictures


Of the various models ceiling design for minimalist modern home theme is certainly use good material and quality, and materials are now widely used model of PVC material. The use of such materials in great demand because it is practical, easy to set up, and also not too much trouble, other advantages of this material is you don’t have to think how to colored or designed it because when purchasing these materials are usually readily available in various shades and colors. In addition to light, PVC material for the ceiling was water resistant, easy to clean, and can survive in long time.

In addition to PVC materials, other materials such as asbestos in ceiling or iternit, plywood, gypsum, fiber, and wood, which can be used as the materials of ceiling. So that a little review of modern house ceiling pictures that I know, hopefully a little review can be a useful source of information for you all.