Perfect Tropical and Zebra Inspired Decor

I wish to change my house into a tropical and zebra inspired decor. Combining tropical décor and zebra. I think this idea will inspiring you.

Since I live in the city and I liked the modern decor modern terms would accentuate my design, but with a touch of tropical and zebra detail.

For this design, the room should be rectangular. This shape makes it easier for the construction of the roof and carry the hallmark of tropical.

I highlight tropical design with bring live plants in my house. Of course I chose plants that can last a long time indoors.

Characteristic of tropical is freedom and flexibility. Therefore, I do not use a bulkhead between the living room and dining room. And guests who come in my house will be free to enjoy my house directly opposite the window and a view of the outside.

To add to the impression I added tropical abstract painting. Thus there are plants and abstract paintings. Two different things that could eventually unite in tropical design.

So, what is the appropriate furniture for my theme this time?

– Choose sofas and chairs with a slim sleek design. It will make the room more spacious because the furniture not too much detail.

– Prioritizing your options on the main desk which has a cabinet or drawer underneath. It would be easy to put a number of items.

– Large mirror can make the room more spacious effect. You can make it for tropical design. This mirror will be the vocal point of your room. For example, near the door or near the seat.

Tropical and zebra inspired decor




My initial idea was like, I want to add tropical and zebra inspired decor.

I deliberately highlight the living room carpet. I chose zebra patterned carpet. Or if you do not particularly like the zebra patterned carpet, you can select it for use as a pillowcase on your chair.

To enhance the theme of my stretcher. I accidentally made ​​a black and white theme. Matched with zebra rugs that I use. A balanced blend make my tropical and zebra inspired decor idea more perfect.