Smart and creative ideas for the home

Creative ideas for your home Do not let me lie , at home , we always have a lot of day-to- day problems that we solve the problem, therefore , examine clever ideas and creative ways to solve these problems and make your life easier.

Let your kitchen cloth does not run everywhere , put Velcro on the edge of the cloth and put it in the oven caldera your stove , join the ends and voila , the fabric will always stay in place .


creative ideas for organizing your home

If you do not have time to put the ironing board and take an iron to remove wrinkles from your clothes, use a hair straightened, with small wrinkles can disappear and iron between the buttons, make sure that the plates are free of debris hair products.

The beds are hard to store things in the drawers when you want the game, you will not find one of the pieces, to avoid this, creative ideas for your home can put a full set in one of the pillowcases and arrange them in the drawer, in this way it will be easier to find a set of bunk beds.

creative ideas for your home

Use bread tags as labels for wires and kill two birds with one stone: perfectly ordered and you will know what all the writing on them. If you cannot get this label, take a tour of the city centre, you are sure to get them.

creative ideas for your home

Creative ideas for your home Always keep a list of pantry with everything you need to put a magnet in the pen, behind a simple book, this way you can leave them in the fridge and always need to score goals.


creative ideas for your new home