Smart Tips of Small Courtyard Ideas

Creating small courtyard ideas is not really a difficult thing to your own design according to your wishes. Parks, especially courtyard is an integral part in a dwelling. Parks can be a home decoration and make your home seem cool. The following review may be able to add your ideas in courtyard design. You need to pay attention to the following tips .


Small courtyard ideas

1. Plant shade trees. The existence of shrubs are needed to give the impression of calm in your dwelling. Should select stunted plant seeds, choose plants that also can beautify your garden. Avoid plants that are too tall to cover your courtyard.
2. Planting grasses and flowers. Planting grass will avoid the arid on the smll courtyard impression of your home. In addition to planting grass, you can also grow plants flowers. It will beautify your small courtyard ideas. Of the many types of grass, you can choose to plant elephant grass. This type of grass has a better quality than other grasses.
3. Planting in pots. Not all plants should be planted in the front yard of land. You can grow these plants in pots. Of course this will allow you to set up and layout of your plants. For these types of plants in pots you can choose houseplants leaves wide.
4. Natural stone. Using natural stone in fact is not absolute. However, the use of natural stone will help your courtyard more natural. Arrange the natural stone around the edge of your garden. You can also choose the type of decorative natural stone to suit your needs.
5. Ponds. Completing small courtyard with pond water will make your house appear and rely more natural shade. However make sure that you have enough space to put a pool of water in you small courtyard ideas.