Styles and trends in interior design for 2014

Interior design for small space we can choose according to our own desires, we can define beauty when choosing the best design we like for this we are approaching 2014, style trends in decoration are varied, and in this post I mention what are the most popular.


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  • Minimalist

The modern Interior design for small space is characterized by the minimalist approach. It all remains to basics, minimalist design lacks clutter and spaces are clean.


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  • Traditional

These interiors are composed of English or Gregorian style furniture but not with pieces made. A characteristic of this style is that it preserves the bohemian charm of old world, so abundant brown hues.

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  • Bohemian

This one of the trends in home decor that gives color a big impact because it uses mostly orange , bright red, purple and yellow as main colors .

  • Romantic

This style is characterized by the use of shades of white, pastel colors like pink, peach, beige, blue and other neutral tones.

  • Romantic Mediterranean

It’s a modern trend that is used to give life to a relaxed and comfortable; it is also very elegant and creates a stress free environment. This style uses natural fabrics in neutral or earthy tones and pastels, but in turn may also include peach, lavender, salmon, orange, green, blue or beige.

  • Asian Style

It’s a trend very stylish and classy. The defining characteristics of this style are printed wallpaper with flowers and pictures of birds, dark wood furniture, paper lampshades and silk tapestries.

Moreover, this trend has to do with the creation of a Zen that is simple and relaxing.

Interior design for small spaces




The apartments and small houses need multifunctional Interior design for small space.This kind of interior design provides a lot of innovative solutions for small spaces as well as for the most spacious as are the areas of living, dining and kitchen.