The story of the Queen Anne style furniture

Victorian furniture style – Queen Anne furniture became popular around 1705 and was appointed by Queen Anne of England. He had passed the stiffness and vice versa, elegant furnishings appeared heavily damaged rear heavy dark wood and traditional. Design that distinguishes the Queen Anne furniture carved shells or fans in the form of pieces such as chairs, cabinets and desks. The Queen Anne style of furniture is still made ​​today.


Before there was the Queen Anne Victorian furniture style typical era was heavy and made ​​of dark wood. Queen Anne furniture corner lighter, more comfortable and curved -based, especially in the legs of furniture.

Leg Queen Anne furniture has a “knee” and the outer curved “foot “curling into. Furniture legs are made with Dutch feet or basic or simple called Pie Drake, the base carved with three legs. Some furniture manufacturers also use Spanish foot, which has a rectangular curve lines. Sometimes, Queen Anne furniture painted white and gold plated. Varnished wood usually left in its natural state or dark with dye before varnishing. Native English furniture made of oak and walnut.

Victorian furniture style



Card table
Card table or a game, they are used by most of the family for fun and family entertainment. Card table made ​​of solid wood specially chosen. Walnuts are preferred in the U.S., followed by cherry and maple

The tables were beautifully detailed, because they are always on display in the house. In return for easels before, Queen Anne table has a top made ​​of two wooden plates joined with a hinge. The table can be folded in half and placed the wall when not in use.


Victorian furniture style history



The Queen Anne Victorian furniture style which is still popular today. The pieces are very collectible is that they are varnished , oriental furniture design as the original Queen Anne and Dutch parquetry cabinet with bulging sides and ornate design in detail to the front . The oldest pieces of museum quality can range from $ 1,000 to more than $ 100,000. Reproduction sold at furniture stores are popular for people who want a Queen Anne style but with affordable prices


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